June 4, 2014

Post-election update, June 4, 2014: Thank you once again Borough voters! We will be proud to

represent Borough District 1 for the upcoming term of the County Republican Committee.

Thank you also for nominating Joyce to represent the whole Borough as your councilwoman

for the 2015-2018 term.


Post-election update, June 6, 2012: Thank you, Rockaway Borough District 1 voters !

We are very honored that you reelected us as your County Committeeman and Committeewoman.


*** New in 2014 *** : Please support Joyce & Harry Kanigel in their race for re-election

to Morris County Republican Committee in the primary election this Tuesday, June 3, 2014.

If you live in Rockaway Borough District 1, you will see both our names at the bottom of your ballot.

~ Joyce is also running for re-election to Council in this year's Republican primary ~

(her name for Council position is listed in the slot for "Borough Council," near middle of your ballot)



Please vote this Tuesday, June 3, 2014

FAQs about the County Republican Committee

Q: What is the County Committee?

A: The Committee is an organization of the Republican Party of Morris County. (Other political parties also have County Committees.) The members help guide the direction of the party. But they do not have the power to make public laws, and they have no public governing authority.

Q. Who are the members of the County Republican Committee?

A: The Committee is composed of representatives from each election district in Morris County. Each district is represented on the Committee by two residents. (If you received a mailing from us in May or June 2014, you live in District 1 in Rockaway Borough.)

Currently there are about 600 men and women who are members of the Committee. They represent most of the districts in Morris County.

Committee members can be:
(a) elected by the voters in their district
(b) or if there are vacancies, the local (municipal) Republican committee can appoint members to the Committee.

Q. Is it legal for both a husband and wife to be members of the County Republican Committee?

A: Yes. The Committee's rules require that one man and one woman represent each district. Since the Committee is not a governmental body, and members do not receive payment or benefits, married couples are eligible to serve.

Q: Are Committee members paid for serving in this position, and do they receive any benefits?

A: No, Committee members receive no pay or benefits for serving as Committeemen or Committeewomen.

Q: I don't see your names on my sample ballot.

A: On your 2014 sample ballot you will find most of the candidates listed in "Republican Column 5," near the right side. Looking down the list of candidates, you will see near the bottom "Member of the County Committee (Male) (Vote for 1)." Harry's name and the button to vote for him (button 8) is right next to that.

And underneath, next to "Member of the County Committee (Female) (Vote for 1)," is Joyce's name and voting button 9.

Also, in small print above each of our names you will see the words "Fiscally Conservative Republican."

Q. What does the County Committee do?

A: On the County-wide level, the Committee serves to influence the direction of the Republican Party in Morris County.

For example, if the Committee membership becomes more conservative, the Committee's chairman may direct more donated funds to help conservative candidates win in contested general elections.

The Committee also plays a role in selecting a replacement when an elected official's seat becomes vacant, if the seat-holder was a Republican -- or, if a Republican candidate has his or her name removed from the ballot.

(A recent case where this happened was during the controversy over a Freeholder's seat back in 2011:
You might remember that William "Hank" Lyon won his election in the 2011 Republican primary. However his opponent challenged the election in court. A judge decided to vacate Lyon's win, and ordered Lyon's name removed from the November 2011 ballot. At that point, with no Republican candidate on the ballot for general election, the County Republican Committee had to meet to choose a Republican candidate's name that would appear on the ballot. Several candidates, including Hank Lyon, submitted their names for consideration.
As your elected Rockaway District 1 Committee members, Joyce & Harry Kanigel supported Hank Lyon, because Lyon had won a majority of votes in Rockaway Borough in the primary. We felt that the voters had spoken.
But when the entire County Committee voted, Lyon lost...by only five votes. He fought on in court to reverse the judge's ruling that had taken him off the ballot. Lyon won his appeal to have his name put back on the spring 2012 primary ballot for Freeholder, and went on to win a Freeholder's seat that November.)

On the local (municipal) level: If there is a vacancy in a local office (such as Borough mayor or council seats), local members of the Committee, i.e. the members from Rockaway Borough's five election districts, get together to nominate candidates to fill the vacant seat until the next election.

In the event of a vacancy, Harry & Joyce would work to find the best-qualified and most fiscally conservative candidates to take the vacant seat.

Q. Why do you believe you are the best candidates for County Committee from District 1 in Rockaway ?

A. Rockaway Republicans tend to be very fiscally conservative. If they're going to be represented well, their County Committee members should:
(a) have a strong background of participation in conservative politics
(b) be clear with voters about their reasons for running for this position
(c) not have ulterior motives for seeking this position ... for example seeking favorable treatment for cronies

For (a): Joyce & Harry have a strong background of supporting conservative Republican candidates for office. Since 1992 we have volunteered for the campaigns of several Republican candidates. We have walked many miles going door-to-door to get-out-the-vote for the most conservative candidates.

For (b): Joyce & Harry are clear about our reasons for running for Committee:
1. When there are vacancies, we want to help select the most fiscally responsible candidates to take those seats.
2. We want to help promote candidates who are most committed to limiting the size of government and reducing taxes.

For (c): Joyce & Harry are not beholden to any special interest groups. We look to serve the taxpayers of the whole Borough. We reject cronyism and giving favored treatment to anyone or any group, as well as doling out taxpayers' money for lavish and unnecessary perks.

Note to Independent voters: If you would like to vote in the Republican primary, you may change your registration to Republican on primary election day (Tuesday, June 3, 2014). Ask your poll-worker for a change of registration form. The form is very short, and you can vote immediately after it is completed.

(for more information keep scrolling down - & thanks for visiting our website)

~ November 9, 2011 ~

Thank you again, Borough voters.
I look forward to the next three years of serving Rockaway Borough!

~ November 4, 2009 ~

Thank you again, Borough voters.
I look forward to the next two years of serving Rockaway Borough!

November 3rd Election

The Citizen newspaper endorses Joyce, May 20th, 2009

"Councilwoman Joyce Kanigel ... has proven to be a terrific addition to the Borough Council...

Kanigel is bright, congenial, a dedicated researcher and a person who has been active in the borough and a regular attendee at meetings before actually joining the council. She is doing a great job and deserves to be returned to the council.

Vote for Kanigel in Rockaway."

Upcoming Events

Antique Caboose Ride !

[This event took place in 2009 - for updated information about future train rides, please visit the Tri-State Railway Historical Society's website at http://www.tristaterail.org/ ]

If you missed the August 30th 2009 train excursion from Dover to Rockaway Borough, you'll get another chance on November 1, 2009. Take a ride in an antique caboose over the old Central RR route, and see Rockaway Borough from an angle you've never seen before!
Click here for details [link to flyer for the 2009 excursion; similar tours might be offered in the future - for updates, check http://www.tristaterail.org/ ]
(Make sure to arrive at Dover Town Hall by 1:30pm 11/01/09 - there is only one ride to Rockaway. Tickets for the Dover-Wharton trip are only $6, but the Rockaway excursion tickets are $30 per person - this is for an approximately two hour ride.)

See Photos from my Fantastic Train Ride * Dover to Rockaway * August 30, 2009

Click   Click   Click   Click   Click

Click   Click   Click   Click   Click

Click   Click   Click   Click   Click

Borough History

Rockaway has a great history going back to pre-Revolutionary times; these are just a few of many stories involving Borough History ...

"The Strange Disappearance of Dr. Menagh"
"The Rockaway Counterfeiting Ring" (counterfeiters were punished by hanging in Colonial times)
"A Deadly Game of Dominoes"
"The Legend of the Hookerman"

Sometime in the future these stories may become available through the Historical Committee, which already offers several excellent books for sale:
"Rockaway Borough - A History" (aka the blue book - a definitive history!)
"Remembering Rockaway - Village to Borough 1894-1994" (with photos showing Rockaway as it appeared then and now)
and "Growing up in Rockaway."
Some books are available for sale at Borough Hall and at the Rockaway Borough Public Library. If you are interested in a book that is not available at either of those locations, please contact the Historical Committee at HistoricalCommitteeRockaway@gmail.com

About Joyce

Joyce Kanigel portraitJoyce currently serves on the Rockaway Borough Council. After being appointed to a vacant seat in January '09, Joyce won election in the June '09 Republican primary and the November '09 general election. She was then elected to a second three-year term in November 2011 (thank you Borough voters!)

She and her husband Harry have lived on Union Street for 20 years. They have four grown children who grew up in Rockaway and attended Lincoln School, Thomas Jefferson and Morris Hills.

Joyce grew up in the Midwest and attended the University of Chicago. She and Harry lived in several places before discovering Rockaway Borough. The Borough's friendly small town atmosphere and great history made it the place they wanted to settle down and raise their family.

The Kanigels are a Seeing Eye puppy-raising family. We currently have a retired Seeing Eye dog, a black labrador named Harvey.

Harry Kanigel is a retired software development manager, has coached Little League in the Borough and has a keen interest in the revitalization of our downtown. Both Harry and Joyce have been elected members of the County Republican Committee since 2010.

Joyce is a Borough history buff. She has a special interest in the old Morris Canal and the railroad industry that used to thrive here in the Borough.

Joyce has established deep roots in the Borough; she recognizes the 'quality of life' issues that have affected many residents in recent years. She pledges to work closely with residents and business owners on such issues as economic development, traffic flow and preservation of Rockaway's river corridor, green spaces and historic features. She is a fiscally conservative Republican ... but she is happy to work with anyone -Republican, Democrat, Independent or Libertarian- on any issue concerning the town.

Joyce & Harry Kanigel are currently running for re-election to the Morris County Republican Committee,
and Joyce is also running for re-election to Borough Council.

Please vote for us this Tuesday, June 3, 2014!
Our names are in the middle and near the bottom of the ballot under the small headings "Fiscally Conservative Republican."

Thank you Rockaway Borough voters.